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Laundry Scales

Laundry Scales

Whether you're weighing and counting coins from a washing machine or weighing clothes by the pound before you wash or dry them, we have a scale for your laundry or laundromat. Digi coin counting scales are a great way to speed up counting quarters. Be sure to buy a NTEP approved scale if you want to charge per the pound for laundry. We have both bench and hanging digital scales.
  • B140-digital-counting-scale.jpg
    Brecknell B140 Counting ScaleThe B140 from Brecknell Scales features advanced higher accuracy counting scale with increments for good resolution on counted parts. The 60 lb capacity functions either as a parts counting or coin count scale. Operates on either US/UK/EU power supplies (all included) or built-in rechargeable battery.
  • salter-ds1000-portable-drum-scale.jpg
    Brecknell DS1000 Portable Drum WeigherBrecknell DS1000 Portable Drum Weigher Scale featuring a powder coated rugged steel platform with a smooth top surface and built in ramps. Includes an SBI 100 indicator with 6 digit, red LED, easy to ready display. Capacity 1000 lbs
  • brecknell-pc3060-ntep-price-computing-scale
    Brecknell PC3060 Price Computing ScaleBrecknell PC3060 Price Computing Scale is NTEP approved at 3000d Class III. By combining two capacities into one scale, it provides you with a wider weighing range. The 15/30 kg and 30/60 lb capacities allow you to weigh smaller and larger products on the same scale without losing resolution.
  • pennsylvania-platform-scales.jpg
    Pennsylvania Low Profile Platform ScalesPennsylvania M6900 includes (1) hinged ramp. Flat portion is 30"x30" or 36"x36". Side rails are live. Overall size is 30"x36" or 36"x42". M6950 includes flat platform with (2) built in ramps. Adjustable leveling feet. Flat portion is 30"x30". Live side rails and integral ramps have overall dimensions 36"x 48"
  • cambridge-670-4-platform-scale-with-4-ramps.jpg
    Cambridge 670-4 BARREL WEIGHER ScaleCambridge Model 670-4 Barrel Weigher Four Ramp Model is a unique industrial platform scale with ramps on each of the four sides.
  • cas s2000 junior commercial price computing scale
    CAS S2000 JR NTEP Price Computing ScalesCAS S-2000JR is a digital price computing scale for direct sale of commodities in stores such as supermarkets, delicatessens and groceries. The S2000 Jr. is available in several different dual range capacities of 15, 30, or 60 pounds. Also weighs in ounces and can easily add a label printer.
  • DMC-782-Coin-Counter.jpg
    Digi DMC-782 Coin Counting ScaleFor businesses that use heavy volumes of coins or tokens we offer the DIGI DMC-782 Coin Counting Scale. This unit is the new and improved version of the old reliable DMC-688. Save time and improve accuracy with a keypad thats labeled for quickly counting different coin types.
  • brecknell-laundromat-computing-scale-with-basket.jpg
    Brecknell Price Computing Laundry Scale with BasketThe Brecknell PC60 Series laundry scale is a highly accurate and dependable NTEP legal for trade price computing scales that feature front and rear viewable displays. 60 lb capacity. AC or battery power. Heavy duty wire laundry basket allows you to easily charge customers clothes by the pound.
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